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Have you ever known that something was no good for you, but instead of running away from it you always felt yourself being drawn to it. Instead of not doing it, you justified it and kept coming back to it. I know I have.

For you it may be the girl/guy you know it no good for you. The junk food that you know you should probably skip. Or, like me, your vice may be drugs.

For years, I had built a life that was on helping others. But for me, I slowly started to tear at the seams. I didn't take care of my own mental health, and instead focused on everyone else's. I know the difference between right and wrong, but all it took was the wrong place at the wrong take for me to choose what I knew I probably shouldn't.

For me, this led down a long dark path of addiction. Doing things that I would have never done otherwise. I hurt everyone that was closest to me and that I loved. Along the way of my addiction, I left a trail of rubble in my path. But in the moment, I just needed the pain to go away, and I justified it.

Now, I'm almost a year clean, and look back on the decision make. In the third verse of the song Relapse, you'll hear where I am now. That everyday I am choosing to make the decision that I know are right and choosing to keep walking forward, even if I don't fully know what I'm walking toward yet.

In the rest of the song, you'll hear my story of addiction, and the dark paths it took me on. You'll hear how it kept calling me back, and I couldn't say no for such a long time. For me it was drugs, for you it may be something else. Whatever you vice, I hope this song resonates with you. I hope it lets you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and that ultimately healing IS possible.

My new single, Relapse, is available everywhere now. Check out the lyric video on Youtube,

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Phoenix Pride

This past October, I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting the amazing band, Echo V at Phoenix Rainbow Festival 2018. After meeting at the festival, we kept in touch. When I launched my music, career, Echo V was a huge inspiration behind me having the strength and courage to put myself out there.

As Americas first openly gay boy band, Echo V has put them self out there for a lot of criticism, but they've also opened themselves up for a lot of love. Their strength, hope, and courage that they spread through their lives was one of the inspirations that helped give me the extra push to finally bit the bullet and become serious about my music career.

So, you can image my surprise and excitement, when I was contacted by Echo V to see if I would perform with them. My excitement began to build even more when I found out that the show would be right here in Phoenix at Pride. From there I was booked to perform with Echo V on the main stage at Phoenix Pride 2019!

Being at Pride was an amazing day, and the performance was so much fun. It was an amazing day, hanging out with the band, exploring the festival, and then doing what I love up on stage.

As someone who has struggled with accepting my sexuality and who I am throughout the years, being on a stage like this and spreading the message of my music was a huge opportunity that I am forever grateful for.

The message I hope to spread to not only the LGBTQ+ community, but to everybody out there is that it's ok to not be ok, but it's not ok to stay that way, and as we go on this journey of like together I hope that we can find a little bit of respite, peace, and understanding through my music.

You can catch me and Echo V on stage on my Youtube channel by clicking here.

You can find out more about Echo V and their music by visiting their website here.

Going Home - Chicago/Northwest Indiana

The past two weeks I was able to spend some time back in my hometown of Lake Station, Indiana. While there, I got to spend Easter with my family, catch up with old friends, as well as share some of my music.

One of my favorite venues, One Best Life @ Tinkers Attic, in Highland, Indiana hosts an open mic every Saturday night which I was able to attend and collaborate and connect with numerous local artists, and old friends.

The music side of things culminated with my hometown show on Friday, April 29th. I played all of the songs from my upcoming album as well as sharing my story and the journey that I've been on the past few years. The show was a success and I had a great time hanging out with everyone in attendance.

The upcoming album will be an emotional one for me. The past year of my life has been a journey. One will a lot of peaks and valleys. You will see a lot of that reflected in these songs. My upcoming single, Relapse, highlights what really set up this journey with my mental health deteriorating and me choosing to return back to my old harmful ways, but more on that later.

I'm currently in the studio working on new material (ps you can get all kinds of behind the scenes footage and content in the studio and in my life as well as help support me in the studio on Patreon by going here). My upcoming album, Undone Wonderer I hope to share with you guys soon and I can't wait to hear what you guys think.

In the meantime, let's continue to go on this journey together. A journey of ups and downs. One of victories of defeats. One that may be hard at times, but that together we can get through.

-Tyler Burns Official

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