On Top Of The World

Capo 2

Verse 1:

Em                                   C                           

I’ve been climbing I’ve been trying

G                                  D

To get over this hill that’s in front of me and all I see

Em                           C

Is all the pain and fear surrounding me

             G                                   D

Now I’m on the top it don’t look like I thought it’d be




Cause it’s raining on top of the world


The rain keeps coming down

      G                                      D

This height ain’t all that its cracked up to be


Yeah it’s raining on top of the world


Now my tears are falling down

         G                                     D

Is this really all we see on top of the world


Verse 2:

Em                                       C

I checked the box and I did this right

G                                   D

So why can’t I ever seem to sleep at night

Em                                   C

Maybe I missed my turn and now I’m just too lost

G                                    D

I have to wonder if this was worth the cost



Em                       C

Will I jump, or will I fall

G                                     D

Right now I can’t see clear at all

Em                                  C

Will this pain ever cease to be

G                                       D

Could there be beauty that’s in front of me

© Tyler Burns Official 2019

©Tyler Burns Official 2019

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