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Behind the Music: Relapse

Have you ever known that something was no good for you, but instead of running away from it you always felt yourself being drawn to it. Instead of not doing it, you justified it and kept coming back to it. I know I have.

For you it may be the girl/guy you know it no good for you. The junk food that you know you should probably skip. Or, like me, your vice may be drugs.

For years, I had built a life that was on helping others. But for me, I slowly started to tear at the seams. I didn't take care of my own mental health, and instead focused on everyone else's. I know the difference between right and wrong, but all it took was the wrong place at the wrong take for me to choose what I knew I probably shouldn't.

For me, this led down a long dark path of addiction. Doing things that I would have never done otherwise. I hurt everyone that was closest to me and that I loved. Along the way of my addiction, I left a trail of rubble in my path. But in the moment, I just needed the pain to go away, and I justified it.

Now, I'm almost a year clean, and look back on the decision make. In the third verse of the song Relapse, you'll hear where I am now. That everyday I am choosing to make the decision that I know are right and choosing to keep walking forward, even if I don't fully know what I'm walking toward yet.

In the rest of the song, you'll hear my story of addiction, and the dark paths it took me on. You'll hear how it kept calling me back, and I couldn't say no for such a long time. For me it was drugs, for you it may be something else. Whatever you vice, I hope this song resonates with you. I hope it lets you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and that ultimately healing IS possible.

My new single, Relapse, is available everywhere now. Check out the lyric video on Youtube,

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